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Debt Consolidation Loan Services
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We help people eliminate & consolidate debts. Our debt relief services offer the best solutions for managing, negotiating and consolidating all types of debts. Whether you need to refinance mortgage debt, credit card debt settlement or bankruptcy, we have a team of experienced professionals to improve your financial state now and forever. Our debt services company provides debt reduction strategies with debt loans ensuring debt relief with fixed interest rate negotiations. We offer refinance loans for consolidating debt and 2nd mortgages for homeowners who want the best credit card elimination programs. Find out how much you can save by consolidating your current loans into a lower interest rate loan. Today there are more debt relief solutions than ever before so take a few minutes and get helpful debt consolidation advice from the friendly professionals at our company.

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Our debt relief services offer an edge from most other debt management companies, because we can help you lower monthly payments and improve your credit score. If you are turned down by one of our lenders, we will help you eliminate credit card debt using some popular alternative measures of debt relief.

  • Fixed Rate Debt Loan Options for Homeowners
  • Debt Settlement Plans Reduce Unsecured Credit Card Debt to 50%

In addition we can help homeowners with several debt reduction services like mortgage refinancing and bill consolidation. Our professionals can help people secure their debt with a second loan that enables bill consolidation with fixed rate refinancing. Homeowners have a significant edge for consolidating debts because the interest with our debt consolidation loans is tax deductible and the interest rates typically favor homeowners. Compare financial solutions and consider a debt consolidation loan online. Consumers that do not own a home should review credit counseling and debt reduction possibilities with debt settlement. We also offer non-profit debt consolidation services and government debt consolidation loans.

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According to Nationwide, "More consumers will be consolidating credit card debt with debt settlement in 2010 than ever before." With mortgage refinance guidelines requiring more equity for cash out and bill consolidation, less homeowners will use equity home loans for consolidation. Take a minute and consider our debt relief plan with the primary goal of becoming debt free. Our participating brokers and bankers can help you formulate an affordable budget so you can begin making debt loan payments on time every month and still have money to invest in your new home savings account.

New Rules for Debt Settlement and Debt Relief Services- The first phase of new federal regulations protecting consumers from shady debt relief companies goes into effect September 27th, 2010. The new laws for debt relief services are being implemented in an effort to eliminate fraudulent debt services that are being perpetrated by unscrupulous debt settlement companies. This is part of the Obama administration’s effort to stem the scam artists who dominate the debt relief industry.

Many debt consolidation companies often guarantee debt reduction and credit card debt settlement to trusting distressed consumers who are looking to take responsible measures with their debt. These debt scams often make promises to consumers saying that they can eliminate their credit card debt. They charge a significant upfront fee whether they perform any debt relief services.

The initial changes in the Federal Trade Commission regulations govern how debt relief programs are marketed to U.S. consumers. The new rules ban company’s offering debt relief services from misrepresentations regarding their debt management program including success rates or any material debt relief features. Debt service companies will be required to disclose potential negative consequences of debt settlement and how long it might take for a consumer to conclude specific debt relief programs.

TASC Supports New FTC Debt Settlement Rules – TASC announced today that its Board of Directors has voted to support the recent debt relief services rulemaking by the FTC. The new FTC rules prohibit debt settlement companies from charging fees to a consumer for debt relief services prior to the settlement of the consumer’s debt.

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TASC - Association of Settlement Companies

FTC Tips for Debt Relief Lenders for HARP Refinance
The FTC recommends taking the proper precautions when considering debt relief services.
Fixed Consolidation Loans
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Mortgage Loan Consolidation

We recommend this loan option for people who owe $15,000 to $50,000 in credit card debt and already have an adequate first mortgage with an interest rate under 7%.

In most cases this program would entail taking out a home equity loan that puts cash in your hand for bill consolidation. It also locks in a fixed interest rate for terms ranging from 10-30 years.

Many homeowners have adjustable rate credit lines that have been maxed out with escalating interest rates.

If you have a 1st and 2nd mortgage that carries variable rates then we recommend discussing a mortgage refinance with your loan broker. This program enables you to combine mortgages together with fixed rate terms ranging from 15-40 years.

Home mortgage loans can be a great alternative to refinancing your home, because it reaches basically the same goal with credit card consolidation while allowing the borrower to leave their 1st home loan unchanged.

People like the freedom home mortgages offer with fixed rate loans or variable rate credit lines. The second lien terms range from 10 to 30 years.

We do not offer legal advice or debt relief services. We match people with companies that help people eliminate debt. Find a debt consolidation company in your neighborhood! You deserve the Best Debt Consolidation Loans!